Terms and Conditions of Sale

Valid from 2016-08-01

1. Approval of Terms and Conditions

You immediately agree to the terms and conditions of sales when turning in your books to Lagerbooks.

2. Compensation for Sold Books

The compensation for sold books is based on the selling price as follows:

New condition

80 % (50 %1)

The book is in practically new condition, no notes or highlighting are to be found.

Fair condition

67 % (37 %1)

The book cover may have slight damages, and some highlighting or notes in the text.

Poor condition

55 % (25 %1)

The book is damaged, and/or have a lot of highlighting or notes.

1Percentage used for older editions.

Lagerbooks has the right to determine the condition of the books turned in.

Lagerbooks has the right to change the prices of the turned in books in the following cases:

  • A new edition is released on the market
  • Price changes on the market

3. Compensation - 70 % of the selling price

The compensation is always 70 % of the selling price for each sold book.

4. Payment

You must request the payment of your sold book / books by contacting us at the shop or sending an email to info@lagerbooks.com

The money will be transferred to you within 2 weeks from the date of request.

5. Unrequested Payment

If you do not request a payment for your sold book after a year from the selling date then the money will accrue to Lagerbooks.

6. Duration - 1 year for turned in books

If a book turned in has not been sold after 1 year, the book will then accrue to Lagerbooks.

7. Changes

Lagerbooks has the right to change the terms and condition for sale at any time with immediate effect.